2019 Grammy Performing Violinist,

Have you ever experienced a Miracle in real life?

Miracle McKinney is a “miracle worker” that brightens up the world using her electric violin. Using a fusion of classical, hip-hop, and R&B music, Miracle’s performance will bless you with a truly unique experience. Much of Miracle’s passion have come from the adversities she’s faced in life and her ability to create music as a way to overcome those obstacles. Born and raised by her grandmother in the suburbs of the nation's capitol, Miracle McKinney started her journey playing the violin at the age of nine. Miracle is not just her name, but a tenant that she lives by every day. Get ready for a performance that will certainly make a Miracle in your life and inspire you to do the same!


Don't just follow, take lead.

 Singer, & Producer

​​​About Miracle...